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Agroeca lusatica  (L. Koch, 1875)
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Description: Agroeca lusatica is slightly larger than its close relative Agroeca proxima, which is found in the same habitat however usually slightly further inland. Size: Female 6-7 mm; male 5-6 mm.

Genus: Agroeca Westring, 1861. Characters of genus: The carapace usually with clear markings in the shape of characteristic angular loops radiating from the fovea. The abdomen with vague v- or w-shaped pattern or dark oblique spots or bars arranged in rows. The posterior row of eyes markedly procurved. Metatarsus I and II with three pairs of ventral spines. The Danish species can be identified in the field by their bodycolour and size.

Family: Liocranidae Simon, 1897 (Spiny-legged Sac Spiders).
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