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Dolomedes fimbriatus  (Clerck, 1757) (Raft spider)
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Description: Males are similar in appearance to females, but have smaller abdomens. Carapace dark brown usually with striking whitish or yellowish lateral bands composed of light hairs. Abdomen dark brown with white or yellowish sides. Legs brown with dense pubescense of light hairs which may appear bluish in flash photos. Legs of immatures are greenish. Size: Female 15-22 mm; male 10-16 mm.

Genus: Dolomedes Latreille, 1804. Characters of genus: Large and robust spiders. The are known as raft or fishing spiders. The occur in swampy habitats, and are able to grab land withdraw arge prey animals such as tadpoles and small sticklebacks from the water. Immatures also hunts on land amongst herbs, and on moss. Fishing spiders are able to crawl down the stems or leaves of water plants if threatened, and can remain submerged up to an hour. Dolomedes plantarius is more prone to dive or crawl under than D. fimbriatus. The two species overlap in general appearance, but as both species usually occur in some numbers it is fairly easy to determine the species is present by looking at which colour form dominates. If both species are present at a locality, it can be difficult to assign individuals to species.

Family: Pisauridae Simon, 1890 (Nursery-web Spiders).
Old female guarding abandoned nursery web.
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