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Nesticus birsteini  
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Size: Female ? mm; male ? mm.

Genus: Nesticus Thorell, 1869. Characters of genus: This is the largest genus of the family. The majority are cave dwellers known from temperate areas. About 25 species are known from Europe. Clypeus is high and higher than the distance between the anterior and posterior medial eyes. The eyes are equal-sized. The anterior row is very slightly recurved while the posterior is procurved. Anterior medials are small and situated on a small lobe. Spiders of the genus is further characterised by having a large vestigial bump (colulus) in front of the spinnerets.

Family: Nesticidae Simon, 1894 (Comb-footed Cellar Spiders). Characters of family: The spiders of the family Nesticidae are closely related to the Theridiidae (comb-footed spiders). Most specimens of both families have a comb of 6-10 serrated bristles on tarsus IV that are used to pull silk from the spinnerets. The Nesticids differ from the Theridiids by having a thickened edge on the anterior rim of the lower lip (rebordered labium), and by having longer legs, particularly the first pair. The legs are densely clothed with fairly long bristles, longer than in any theridiid. Leg spines are few, and differ only scarcely from the leg bristles. The eight eyes of the Nesticids are arranged in two rows of four.
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