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Oecobius navus  
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Size: Female ? mm; male ? mm.

Genus: Oecobius Lucas, 1846. Characters of genus: Small spiders, mostly less than 3 mm, producing hackled band threads from a transverse oriented spinning organ in front of the spinnerets (cribellum). Carapace subcircular. Posterior eyes triangular or irregular in shape. Anal tubercle prominent, two-segmented and furnished with a fringe of long hairs. The spiders spins flat retreats with a diameter of a few cm with lateral openings from which signaling threads protrude. The threads detect prey that stumbles over these threads and if the spider is hungry it will rush out for the catch. Webs are built in crevices such as under rocks and floors, behind walls and in ceilings. There are 43 species in Oecobius of which 42 are known from Europe. However, only five species are known from the European mainland, four of which are confined to southern Europe. Thirty-six species are endemic for the Canary Islands and Madeira with most of those species being Canarian. Two species are cosmopolitan, O. cellariorum and O. navus. The latter is the only species occurring in central and northern Europe.

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