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Pisaura mirabilis  (Clerck, 1757) (Nursery-web spider)
≤ 1900   1901-1979   1980-2005   2006 ≤
Description: Males generally similar to females but often sligthly darker and with more noticeable markings. The markings are variable but nevertheless very characteristic. The general colouration varies from grey to orange or shades of brown. Carapace often with broad dark median band enclosing a thin white or yellowish median stripe. Frequently, this stripe extends forward as a pointed hair tuft in front of the eyes. The species also possess some characteristic light \"side whiskers\" at sides of head. Abdomen with light sides and dark central folium which may contain a light central band or vague chevrons. Legs clothed with fine light and brown hairs, and appear uniform light brown from a distance. Size: Female 11-15 mm; male 10-12 mm.

Genus: Pisaura Simon, 1885. Characters of genus: The species has a very characteristic appearance with a slender tapering abdomen.

Family: Pisauridae Simon, 1890 (Nursery-web Spiders).
Female with egg sack
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