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Scotina celans  (Blackwall, 1841)
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Description: The male has much smaller abdomen than the female, and is therefore overall smaller. The cephalothorax has characteristic light median and lateral bands, and may at distance resemble immature Lycosids of the genus Pardosa. The abdomen is reddish-brown, and the markings are typical of the Liocranidae, with grey chevrons. These are however, rather obscure for the male. Size: Female 4-5 mm; male 2.5-3 mm.

Genus: Scotina Menge, 1873. Characters of genus: These are small spiders with six to ten pairs of ventral spines easily visible with a lens. The cephalothorax is darker than in the other genera of the family and shiny. The species are found at ground level among moss and detritus. The femora of the legs are light brown while more distal segments are darkened, particularly for the first pairs of legs. The two Danish species are easily separable by their markings.

Family: Liocranidae Simon, 1897 (Spiny-legged Sac Spiders).
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