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Segestria bavarica  C. L. Koch, 1843
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Description: Usually somewhat larger than S. senoculata and appearing more greyish due to the much denser hairs. A central light band divedes the lobes on the abdomen in two halves. Size: Female 10-13 mm; male 9-11 mm.

Genus: Segestria Latreille, 1804. Characters of genus: Large six-eyed spiders with elongate abdomen and having the three anterior pairs of legs directed forward. Males and females are alike, but males have a slimmer and smaller abdomen. There are three species in Northern and Central Europe, which all build tubular retreats in cracks of walls, cliffs and trees and under stones. About 10-15 threads radiat from the entrance hole of the retreat and serve as detectors of prey location. Once prey touch a thread the spider will rush out to attack and seize the prey, and then take it back to to the retreat for consumption.

Family: Segestriidae Simon, 1893 (Six-eyed Spiders).
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