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Segestria senoculata  (Linnaeus, 1758)
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Description: Cephalothorax dark brown with head region darker. It differs from the second Danish species of the genus, S. bavarica, by having only a few thin hairs on the cephalothorax. The abdomen is elongate wiht dark lobed median band and lighter sides with dark spots. Legs are ligth brown with dark annulations rather far spaced apart. Size: Female 7-10 mm; male 6-9 mm.

Genus: Segestria Latreille, 1804. Characters of genus: Large six-eyed spiders with elongate abdomen and having the three anterior pairs of legs directed forward. Males and females are alike, but males have a slimmer and smaller abdomen. There are three species in Northern and Central Europe, which all build tubular retreats in cracks of walls, cliffs and trees and under stones. About 10-15 threads radiat from the entrance hole of the retreat and serve as detectors of prey location. Once prey touch a thread the spider will rush out to attack and seize the prey, and then take it back to to the retreat for consumption.

Family: Segestriidae Simon, 1893 (Six-eyed Spiders).
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