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Titanoeca monticola  (Clerck, 1757)
≤ 1900   1901-1979   1980-2005   2006 ≤
Description: Female carapace with three thin and sharply outlined bands formed by dense white hairs. The median band narrows anteriorly. The two lateral bands are divided longitudinally by a dark stripe, and run almost parallel with the median band. Abdomen usually with a rather pale, but clearly outlined cardiac mark. The rest of the abdomen is mottled with dense brown and light hairs, sometimes with two rows of dark spots converging towards the spinners. Size: Female 4-6 mm; male 4-5.5 mm.

Genus: Titanoeca Thorell, 1870.

Family: Titanoecidae Lehtinen, 1967 (Rock Weavers).
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