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Zora nemoralis  (Blackwall, 1861)
≤ 1900   1901-1979   1980-2005   2006 ≤
Size: Female ? mm; male ? mm.

Genus: Zora C. L. Koch, 1847. Characters of genus: The spiders of this genus have a narrowed carapace at the front and a characteristic dark compact eye group with both eye rows strongly recurved. Paired ventral spines are present on legs I and II, just like in the Liocranidae. All species are similar in general appearance, the general colour is yellow with a wide brown band extending back from each posterior lateral eye. The abdomen has a thin Y-shaped brown marking flanked by spots and irregular lines, overall the markings being very distinctive for the genus.

Family: Miturgidae Simon, 1885 (Prowling Spiders).
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