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Zora spinimana  (Sundevall, 1833)
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Description: The brown lateral bands on the carapace are narrower than the yellow bands (in Z. silvestris it is the other way round). Moreover this species is slightly larger than Z. silvestris and the general yellow colour has a warmer hue. Zora spinimana has three pairs of ventral spines on metatarsus i and II, whereas Z. silvestrisonly has two pairs. Size: Female 5-6.5 mm; male 4.5-5 mm.

Genus: Zora C. L. Koch, 1847. Characters of genus: The spiders of this genus have a narrowed carapace at the front and a characteristic dark compact eye group with both eye rows strongly recurved. Paired ventral spines are present on legs I and II, just like in the Liocranidae. All species are similar in general appearance, the general colour is yellow with a wide brown band extending back from each posterior lateral eye. The abdomen has a thin Y-shaped brown marking flanked by spots and irregular lines, overall the markings being very distinctive for the genus.

Family: Miturgidae Simon, 1885 (Prowling Spiders).
Female before oviposition
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